Marie Devilreux


Introducing our new hats collection made in collaboration with Marie Devilreux
Photography by Al Overdrive

Charlotte Viktoria wears our CAGED hat,
with the BATWING minidress

Manko wears our BOLT hat,
with the EROTICA leotard and SATANA jacket

Manko wears the NOIRE hat and the BRIGITTE epaulettes

Manko wears the NOIRE hat without its detachable feathers,
with the SOPHIE dress


Manko wears our X hat 

Charlotte Viktoria wears our DAMNED hat , with the EVA bra and our PULP pencil skirt

Charlotte Viktoria wears our BURTON hat,
with the KATRINA leotard



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This collaboration between Marie Devilreux and Florence Druart  was born from their mutual love for the unusual and glamour.
Marie Devilreux brings a touch of decadent opulence to finish beautifully the Torture Garden Latex signature sharp lines and fierce outfits.



About Marie Devilreux

Marie Devilreux was born in São Paulo, Brazil  and has always shown interest for art and the unusual. With a B.A. in Fashion She moved to London to expand her knowledge and obtain a M.A. in Costume Design, that’s when she discovered her passion for Millinery and Latex.

As someone that really values creativity and individuality, and seeing a gap in the Fetish Market, she decided dedicating herself to creating Latex and Mixed Material Millinery, what certainly became one of the signature marks of her look.
Marie’s main inspirations come from 1920’s to 50’s eras, Hollywood Glamour, Victorian eeriness, John Willie illustrations, Fetish, Underground Tribes, Halloween, Rock’n’roll, Horror Movies, Pinups, Neon lights, Decadence and Architecture.
Apart from creating Costumes, Fetish Clothing and Millinery, Miss Devilreux is also a Model, Burlesque performer and full time Glamour Ghoul.